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Here is the account deleting virus that resets the smartphone: Dangerous devices

Here is the account deleting virus that resets the smartphone: Dangerous devices

A new one Virus Is threatening smartphone owners in Italy. about that Brother, Malware aimed at emptying the account of the victims of everything in it. It began to spread in the summer of 2021, but since December its spread and risk have increased significantly.

The experts of the Italian cyber security company Cliffy are there to raise the alert about this new hacker attack. According to the company, it is a gradually evolving organization that makes it difficult for even the most effective individuals to intervene. Antivirus.

According to Cliffy, it is a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) virus that can be controlled remotely by hackers. There are currently three versions called “BRATA.A”, “BRATA.B” and “BRATA.C”, all of which seem to be designed for smartphones. Android.

BRATA virus, current account and smartphone risk

The system created by fraudsters is particularly aggressive. After the device is first infected with malware, the Brother’s virus, Which deducts all current account data from the device. He can authenticate various banking activities by accessing the bank’s SMS message and verifying them using the full authentication obtained during installation. This makes the account easier without the smartphone owner knowing.

How does it get these permissions? Unfortunately, the speech is simple. The first malware (then installing Prata) was inserted inside Affected applications, The user downloads while ignoring the potential risk. In Europe they were often called “AntiSPAM”, while in Italy they were preferred names such as “device security” and “advanced security”.

Unfortunately, it did not end there because the aggression included the device as well. Hackers reset the credentials to prevent the user from retrieving their credentials or to prevent the use of the bank’s functionality. Skills. The phone will be reset to factory settings, allowing fraudsters to reduce charges by operating seamlessly.

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How to avoid unnecessary risks

To avoid unnecessary risks in dealing with threats via SMS or email it is essential not to respond (it is better not to even open yet. News) However, if the presence of a virus behind a processor appears to be legal, you should pay extra attention.

Suspect all the applications they need first Recognitions Unreasonable or “total”. First, remember another golden rule: do not download apps from sites outside the Google Play Store. Since there are episodic security threats even in this area, trusting sites that are not properly verified can be a real gamble.