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WhatsApp reveals how to interact with communities or thousands of people

WhatsApp reveals how to interact with communities or thousands of people

WhatsApp is releasing a new feature called “Communities” which will allow a group of several thousand people to interact. Turning it into an open chat service is not a question, the merits of messaging remain.

Before the acquisition of Facebook (now meta), WhatsApp was relatively close to the SMS service. This activity is aimed at a restricted circle, which is why it is necessary to have the contact person’s phone number and the discussion groups should be 256 participants.


WhatsApp is a free and secure instant messenger that allows you to stay in touch with your friends or family and you can download and install it on all sites.

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However, times are changing and more and more companies, businesses or communities (such as foreigners in the same country) are using WhatsApp to communicate quickly and easily. What is worrying is that the current service is relatively low.

Communities, WhatsApp’s answer

WhatsApp is slowly launching a new tab called “Communities” to allow these user groups to function as they wish. This community will then be subdivided into subgroups separated from each other.

However, administrators have the ability to easily send group messages to one or more subgroups. One can imagine the IT manager of a company broadcasting instant message message to a particular department or all the members of the company.

This new feature is similar to that provided by Telegram, the Microsoft team, or Descart, although only administrators can transmit interstate messages. Likewise, knowing a person’s number is always necessary to add them to the group, and no algorithm can search or recommend a community.

The implementation of this feature will be done gradually based on the feedback coming from the tests and is likely to develop between now and its global deployment.

Some new features for everyone

WhatsApp is adding some more global features to its processor. So group administrators can now delete a thread for everyone, users:

  • Can share files up to 2GB
  • React to the message with emoji
  • Up to 32 people can start voice calls.
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