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WhatsApp opens a new function: Get more options for videos

WhatsApp opens a new function: Get more options for videos

New functions are added to WhatsApp every time, which means more or less. However, this method has an option implemented, which has a very positive effect on the messenger’s performance. Giga has the details for you.

WhatsApp: Disable videos

Who does not know this situation? They recorded a great video of them talking Share I like to send, but can hear a lot of background noise that destroys the record. In this case exactly created a function in the current beta version of WhatsApp Messenger, which can turn off the sound in the video you want to send. Until now, you always had to send video with audio, and you could compress it, add text, or insert emojis. The sound can now be turned off with a button. Sometimes you even have the opportunity to add your own music. WhatsApp does not exist yet.

This functionality is currently implemented in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. If no problems occur, of course the rollout should take place soon for all users, including those with iOS of course. If you are using beta on Android and the functionality is not yet available, you should check back in a few hours. This functionality is currently being released and has been added since version Under iOS you have to wait until the final release.

WhatsApp tips you need to know:

WhatsApp works on a lot of new features

Although WhatsApp has made many small functions available to us in the last few weeks, we are currently making many improvements. For example, it will soon be possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices at once. This will be the biggest change since the messenger was installed. The change took a long time, as WhatsApp had to change everything for it. It will be exciting to see if it works just like everything else. Giga keeps you updated.

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