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New: RPS and QVT, according to a successful approach

New: RPS and QVT, according to a successful approach

RPS and QVT, according to a successful approach: Use strategies that work properly

Work-related mental illnesses are on the rise every year, so companies need to take this issue to protect the mental health of their employees.

Our document “RPS and QVT, According to a Successful Approach” focuses exclusively on mental health social risks and quality of life at work, recalling key principles that uphold the employer’s safety obligation and provide all concrete indications of that. Think and define a successful strategy to prevent SSR.

Whether your quality of life is in its infancy in the work approach or you have to deal with events that have proven to be distressing at work, these documents, based on the experience of experienced professionals, present an honest and rigorous way to improve working conditions.
Teachers, psychologists and counselors are involved on a daily basis in promoting mental and social risk prevention, promoting QWL, supporting change or preventing crisis situations and openly sharing their domain ideas with you.

To better understand, we recommend downloading the summary and excerpt of the method to be used to evaluate RBS:

RPS and QVT, step by step of a successful approach: Online version for additional services

Our documents are available in the paper guide “RPS and QVT, According to a Successful Approach”, but also available online. In the hard copy, you will find a very detailed code, while the online version has a search engine. This allows you to quickly access important information and take action with confidence.

In addition, online content is updated and enriched each semester. Thanks for the updated alerts, you will be informed about the legislative, regulatory and judicial developments in your document and the good practices for promotion.
Labor Code articles related to the topic can also be found online and will be fully updated each week.

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