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WhatsApp is talking about its new D&Cs

WhatsApp is talking about its new D&Cs

Mandatory since February 8th, the new WhatsApp D&Cs have caused a lot of ink flow. WhatsApp has chosen to clarify the situation as the app is increasingly being uninstalled in favor of its rival signal.

Credit: Anton via Pixie

Since last week, WhatsApp has faced severe consequences following the announcement Change of its application conditions. These new conditions will come into effect from February 8 and must be accepted for continued use of the application. In Europe, the new terms make it easier to transact between individuals and businesses, the latter now being able to store WhatsApp chats on Facebook hosting services.

In other parts of the world, a major update to privacy policy will allow WhatsApp to transfer even more data through Facebook. Following this information many WhatsApp users responded negatively. Many of them uninstalled WhatsApp to register in the competing application, Signal, Which was an unprecedented success last week. Following this, WhatsApp posted a clarifying message on its Twitter account in response to anyone who had uninstalled the app or planned to do so before February 8th.

We read the promising message regarding sharing data with Facebook. It is said that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can read the conversations or hear the calls of their users. They can’t even see the location you share. WhatsApp does not hold the data of the people its users contact and does not share the data of your contacts on Facebook. They indicate that you have the opportunity to set your messages in interim mode and download your data, and that WhatsApp groups will be private. The news was also shared by the Facebook France Twitter account. But even after these announcements, many wonder why these new terms should be a necessity, as it has always been possible before to refuse to share your data with Facebook.

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