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WhatsApp: If you reject the new rules you can no longer read and send messages

WhatsApp: If you reject the new rules you can no longer read and send messages

The new terms of use for the WhatsApp messaging app, which has been criticized by many privacy lawyers, will take effect on May 15. Those who refuse to accept them can only access the defined function until they change their mind.

WhatsApp users who no longer comply with the new Terms of Use for online messaging will no longer be able to chat on the platform. However, those responsible for the latter will not delete any accounts, according to the app’s Help Center. As announced No., After May 15, 2021 as “limited access to WhatsApp features”.

Make a profit

It is on this date that the new rules will be applied, and many voices have been raised against it. The controversy was also pushed Facebook, The owner of the application, was originally scheduled for February 8 to postpone the implementation of these Terms of Use. Critics are concerned about the systematic sharing of multiple user data between WhatsApp and Facebook for commercial use.

Until now, we have been able to refuse to change personal information while continuing to use all aspects of the application. The leaders justified changing the rules by making a profit in order to continue to deliver instant messages for free. There are millions of unhappy users Has abandoned the use of its competitors such as signal or telegram.

Access to calls

A banner will soon appear on WhatsApp, allowing users to accept the new terms. Those who do not verify their choice on May 15 will lose the ability to read or send messages on that date. However, they may have access to calls and notifications “for a short time” No..

WhatsApp has pointed out that discussions of accounts deleted by their users will be permanently lost. It is therefore recommended to save the history and download the profile report. Account holders who do not comply with the new Terms of Use will also be considered passive users. However the opportunity to check them out will be open to them after May 15th.

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