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WhatsApp has collected this data from you

WhatsApp has collected this data from you

Everyone should use this new function of the messenger service.

After a fuss over new data protection rules, WhatsApp is trying to regain the confidence it lost for weeks. Large advertising campaigns were launched in some countries. In addition, the Messenger service now notifies its users regularly through status updates. The importance of privacy is always emphasized. Now WhatsApp also wants to place more emphasis on transparency.

All account information

For the first time, the Facebook subsidiary offers its users the opportunity to see what data is being collected about them or has already been collected. In particular, it works through the “Account Information Request” function. It is only available in the app, which is not available on the WhatsApp web. Anyone who uses the new feature will receive a detailed report on their WhatsApp account information and settings.


The “Account Information” function can be found in the settings under “Account”. Here you can tap “Request Statement”. When this is done, the “Sent Request” information will be displayed. According to WhatsApp, the personal statement should generally be available three days after the date of the request.

Download Tamil

Upon receipt of the report, you will receive a WhatsApp notification on your smartphone: “Your account information report is now available.” The Request Information screen in WhatsApp shows how long it takes to review a report. Removed from WhatsApp servers. The download works as follows

  1. Request WhatsApp Settings> Account> Account Information.

  2. Tap the download report. A ZIP file containing HTML and JSON files is downloaded to the smartphone.

  3. After downloading the file, click Export Report> Export or Export Report. The downloaded report cannot be viewed on WhatsApp.

  4. In the approval box that appears, select the application for which you want to export the report. For example, users can keep a copy of the report sent to them by email.


So if you want to know what data WhatsApp has collected about you, you should definitely use the new function. Depending on how long you have been using the messenger service, a lot can be added.

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