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WhatsApp, How to chat without internet connection: The trick is very simple

Is it possible to chat on WhatsApp without internet connection? The answer is yes and the trick is very simple.

New update for instant messaging app (via screenshot)

Share It is the most widely used messaging application in the world. Classic SMS, which is seldom known to the new generation today, but still a fond memory of the little ones, is no longer used, and the new tools for communicating with friends and relatives are only as easy to use as they seem.

Whatsapp messaging processor can perform many functions. Messages, calls and video calls are the basis of this site. For example, today we will explain how to chat even without an internet connection.

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WhatsApp, How to chat without internet connection: The trick is very simple

Check out a new function in the messaging app (via screenshot)

The trick to chatting even without an internet connection involves some simple steps. First you need to download Yoga VPN Processor. Go to your smartphone’s settings, navigate to mobile networks, then navigate to Access Point Names – APN and make sure the phone operator is entered correctly.

After doing the above step, you need to go to the app, click on Quick Start and select WhatsApp. This way you can continue chatting even without a link. Keep in mind that this is a function that is subject to fluctuations and is not recommended for sending large files such as photos or videos.