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un anno per la campania - De Luca: "Un anno per la Campania" - scarica pdf

Download “One Year for Campania” – pdf –

Finding reasons to believe is not easy And the moments of silence we experience, the strong resumption of the Govt infection and the consequent worries and anxieties. But if we use reason, if we act responsibly, we can certainly pass this stage. “One year for Campania” Significant review of the results achieved. As always, let the facts speak. In addition to important decisions in the field of health, I underline that we have provided sustainable employment to thousands of young people in a transparent way: about 2,000 in regional competition; 641 in employment centers; Over 500 in reset EAV. Since then, many open construction sites… We have been helping poor people, suffocating entrepreneurial forces, and for the next few years we have set a goal: to do a great job of bureaucratizing and simplifying the region; We want to make Campania one of Italy’s most digitalized regions. For the rest, you will find a summary of what you have achieved in all areas of our talent. For all these tasks, I would like to thank the colleagues of Giunta and the Regional Council, our managers and staff. We would not have done it without their commitment.

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