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WhatsApp fixes a multi-year issue with an update

WhatsApp fixes a multi-year issue with an update

Portraits, screen shots and more: In the photo gallery on your smartphone you will definitely find one or the other photo or video in portrait format. But WhatsApp has not been able to handle this alone so far.

However, if you want to send a photo or video via WhatsApp in the form of an image, it will appear square to the recipient. Part of the nucleus is cut off at the top and bottom. Only when the photographer clicks will he see the complete focus.

An update now fixes this issue and displays photos in chat format exactly as pictured. The update is already being distributed for both Android and iOS. It is available on version on Android and 2.21.71 on iPhone.

Here you can see how the photos are displayed so far (left) and after the update (right)

Normal photos in 4: 3 format will now be fully displayed. However, if the photos are still large, the result will still be sculpted. Other messengers, such as Telegram, manage to display the photo in full in all formats.

WhatsApp promotes self-destructing messages

After 7 days Deletes messages automatically WhatsApp users have been familiar with WhatsApp for a few weeks. However, in groups, only administrators can enable or disable the function for the entire group. In the future, every team member should develop this attitude for themselves. At present, however, we are unable to find this feature. It must first be activated by WhatsApp on the server page.

WhatsApp is currently being criticized for new data protection regulations. With this, Facebook, the group behind WhatsApp, wants to link Messenger’s user data to its own social network. Data security experts want to prevent this with an emergency procedure because such an action cannot be reversed later. You can read more about this here:

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Actions against Facebook: Data protectors want to prevent WhatsApp data from being used