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Arcos starts with attached glass

Arcos starts with attached glass

After a long cross-section of the desert, Arcos is trying to come forward again with products that are not normal like this attached glass covering the 32-inch screen! Perfect for trying out video conferencing or virtual outfits.

Credit: Arcos

The history of Arcos includes many products as simple as hard disk players or large screen PDAs focused on video playback. Since this golden age, the manufacturer has survived by distributing products made by others (and customizing the edge).

32 inches for full size chat

With Mirror, Arcos again shows a certain courage. As its name implies, it is a… glass, its sensible design is suitable for all types of interiors. But once turned on, it reveals the full extent of his potential: the device actually connects to a 32-inch touchscreen in pictorial form! It connects to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet and includes speakers.

It’s more or less the same as an Android tablet integrated in a mirror. You can use it with access to all Google services. With the integrated webcam, it can be converted into a video conferencing tool, for example to participate in a sports class. With its design, mounted on a stand (you can also install glass on the wall), this attached screen will look like it is actually or almost in front of its reporter.

Mirror can also take user measurements to create a 3D avatar in his image. For example, it will make it possible to try out fabrics and test their colors ஆ Arcos will announce partnerships in the coming weeks to illustrate these new applications. This device will be available from June, priced at 99 799.

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