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WhatsApp feature Click-to-Chat: This is how you create and use practical links


With click-to-chat, WhatsApp offers a hidden feature that many of you are unfamiliar with. We will tell you how to create practical links and what you can use them for.

Click-to-chat is a practical but unknown WhatsApp feature. (Source: diego_cervo /

  • WhatsApp has a very simple click-to-chat feature.
  • Create your own connection using your mobile phone number.
  • You can add pre-made messages to the link.

At Share You really need to save a number to communicate with another person. But it is not absolutely necessary. With the click-to-chat feature, you can also write to those in Messenger Without saving the contact.

Yet click-to-chat allows you to text and write yourself WhatsApp as Notepad To use. Click to chat with special links.

Creating such a link is not so difficult, but there are different options and formats. We will tell you how click-to-chat works and how you can create links.

The easiest way is to create a pure WhatsApp link for a chat. You only need two serial numbers for this. You need to know the cell phone number you want to write. You also need to know which country code applies to this. The country code for Germany is 49.

You can now create your link with these two rows of numbers. The basis of the connection will always be the same. Copy this link And change the country code to “Cell Phone Number” instead of zero.

That’s why chats with you make sense
Never forget anything again

You can take important notes on WhatsApp. We will tell you how you can send messages in Messenger and turn the app into a notepad.

If you do not know if the connection is working, you can test the connection with your own phone number. You can now send yourself a WhatsApp message.

Link formation with text is a little more complicated. However, this is an advantage of having a message appear automatically in the text field that only the other person can send.

In this case, proceed in the same way as you did before. Copy this link and replace the “mobile number” with your country number. Of course, you have to change the text, in this case “I make a link”, with your own text.

But be careful: I need to use a specific design for this to work. To do this, replace each teaching symbol with a combination of these codes % 20. The link should look like this:

In this case too, you can test using the link yourself. If you end up chatting with yourself and a ready-made text appears in the text queue, the link will work.

If creating a connection is too complicated for you, you can use the QR code to quickly exchange contacts. We will tell you how to do it WhatsApp QR code feature can be used.

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