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WhatsApp, Communities are coming: that's it

WhatsApp, Communities are coming: that’s it

Upgrading work SharePopular news service controlled by, Facebook, Now Meta. A future update, spoken of from November, will be introduced Social, Already in beta version of chat client IPhone, Which is accessible to test program members.

WhatsApp: Communities are coming

Communities Group chat Instead of normal profiles, There are up to 10 groups in turn. In fact, administrators can group ten groups into one community, allowing members to view content, texts, photos, and videos related to different conversations. WABetaInfo As describes communities “Where group administrators have more control over the WhatsApp groups they manage”.

In a business environment, for example, communities can be used to unite groups of different business segments, all managed by the same user (or more). In this case, a kind of container that represents the whole company. But it is also possible to make applications that are strictly unrelated to productivity, and there are many examples.

The application will automatically get the group called Ads, In which administrators can insert important messages and information that should be sent to all participants. Also, if one of the members leaves the community, they will stop receiving messages from it and will not be able to access it and will not be able to see the groups that are part of it.

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