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Viterbo, barrels banned until January 6th.  Order of the Commissioner of the Presidency, download pdf - Corriere di Viterbo Order

Viterbo, barrels banned until January 6th. Order of the Commissioner of the Presidency, download pdf – Corriere di Viterbo Order

Ignition or blasting of artefacts and pyrotechnic artefacts is generally prohibited.Order of the Provincial Commissioner Antonella Scholamiro. To protect public safety and security – reads the rule published today – from the date the government issued itUntil midnight on January 6th Fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets and other such pyrotechnic items are prohibited in public places, streets, squares and public areas throughout the municipality. Violators are subject to the permission granted by Art., Unless otherwise found to be a criminal offense. 650 of the Penal Code.

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It is a widespread custom to celebrate the New Year by lighting fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets and similar pyrotechnic items. Although the use of the above-mentioned pyrotechnic products is allowed for free sale to the public, they can cause injuries and serious bodily harm to those who handle them and accidentally. Pyrotechnic articles, due to the content of explosives, if used carelessly or inexperienced increase the risk of fire and cause significant economic damage to the materials. Not last,
The The intense noise generated by the uncontrolled use of firecrackers, crackers, barrels, rockets and similar pyrotechnic materials creates phenomena such as strong stress, distraction and panic in the most vulnerable subjects and animals.. This order was issued to ensure the safety and security of the citizens, the welfare of the animals and the livelihood of the area in general, especially in situations where they are at high risk.
Among other things, it should be remembered that under current rules, making noise that can cause aggression or disturb other people is punishable by up to three months in prison or a fine of up to € 309 and lighting. Fireworks, rocket launches and dangerous ignition or explosions, without the permission of the authority, may be fined if carried out in or near a public place or on a public road or in its direction. Up to 103, and can be arrested for up to a month if there is a public meeting or agreement.

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“We recommend purchasing pyrotechnic products exclusively from authorized dealers. Minimum safety distance, it is recommended that pyrotechnic products not be handed over to minors, although they are not explicitly prohibited. It is recommended not to collect pyrotechnic products “, That is stated in the government

The full version of Government (n.79 of 12/30/2021) is available on the Institutional Website (Click here) Click here to download the PDF