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WhatsApp changes everything, here are the messages for voice and notifications

WhatsApp changes everything, here are the messages for voice and notifications

After completing 2021 with many announcements regarding upcoming news, here it is Share Takes its first decisive steps in 2022. Some changes are distributed between iOS and Android beta testers, which are highly preferred by users.

Are at the center of innovations planned for 2022 News announcements Received andListening to the alphabet, Two basic components of the instant messaging system purchased by Facebook and now managed by the newborn meta. These are two different changes as reported in WABetaInfo, but it will reach more or less users simultaneously. They are currently being distributed to users who are registered in beta and will arrive in the next few weeks.

Profile image in WhatsApp notifications

We’re the first of two innovations provided by WhatsApp, with the aim of making the messaging app more customizable on a graphical scale for users. When they receive notifications about the arrival of a message, they can see the photo associated with the sender’s profile, in addition to the name and the first words of the text.

This way, the author’s recognition will be faster and you can immediately decide whether to read / respond or postpone later. Apparently net Photo “Creative” that does not allow to see the face of the writer. On the business side, this is a great way to spread the word and make your brand recognizable.

But that’s not all, because the change of notifications will be with some changes in the user interface. For example, showing a new way Photo tool, Which will allow you to easily switch from rear to front optics. Again, you may decide to send Multimedia files In multiple conversations at once, you can avoid sending from one chat to another.

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Unrestricted voice messages

We have now come to one of the most anticipated significant changes, or at least should be. This is the ability to listen to voice messages outside of WhatsApp chat. For example one can start Voice Retrieved, then moves to contact list or public chat list.

A control mask will appear at the top of the WhatsApp screen, with the ability to pause or stop playback. One can also use Scroll bar Find where you are with the message or scroll forward or backward.