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Green Boss, how to download it after recovery, vaccine or swap -

Green Boss, how to download it after recovery, vaccine or swap –

From Monica Gursoni and Florenza Sarcanini

Do I need GB to get a Green Pass? How do I download Green Pass? All new rules for obtaining the Green Certificate will be valid for six months from February 1st

Healed, Vaccine,
Tested With the pad: There are many ways to get the green pass. Here are all the rules to follow.

Green bass

There are two documents. The basic green bass is obtained either by antigenic buffer (valid for 48 hours) or by molecule (valid for 72 hours). The Reinforced green bass You get it Only if you are cured or vaccinated. From February 1, the vaccine is valid for six months from the last administration or the date of recovery. Both can be achieved through the Immune Processor or AppDedicated government website, Or in the IO application, use the authentication code you receive via text message after recovery, vaccination, or negative swap (wizard here).

How automatic unlocking works

Automatic issuance of a green pass for those recovering from Govit disease is only valid for those with a negative buffer start. From January 6, 2022. This was later mentioned by the Ministry of Health Many reports For days – after Govt’s recovery – citizens waiting to receive the now-inevitable Green Certificate to access and use all social activities Long distance transport, But more Local public transport.

The green bass should be vaccinated

Prior to January 6, the Green Pass for Govt. General Physician. With the modification of the algorithm, the Ministry has instead implemented a simplification procedure with dual automation. Basically The Green bass locks with positive buffer Negative pad inserted by health facility or pharmacy will open when it arrives. This is the green pass obtained at the time of taking the last dose of the vaccine.

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Green bass from cured vaccines

Automation must work to get the green pass when healing, which is valid Six months from the date you were tested for swap positive. A few days after the negative swap (certifying cure) if certificate is not yet available on Io, Immuni orDedicated government website, You should ask your doctor to intervene and give him (if he already does not have) a swap with a negative result. At that point, he will enter the certificate on the platform.

January 13, 2022 (January 13, 2022 change | 14:30)