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What will really happen on May 15th

What will really happen on May 15th

Revolution on WhatsApp. The world’s most popular instant messaging app catches up with a big change.

what will happen Share? What happens to the instant messaging app, perhaps the most popular in the world? Popular announcement of change Settings Regarding privacy Users, Has come to all owners of the app, what is it really? Recent Privacy Policy Announced In fact, major changes related to managing sensitive data that need to be managed may be with other companies Facebook.

Because, for a few years Share Owned by Facebook. From the next May 15, In short, it should have been in the beginning On February 8th, Users of the well-known instant messaging app can share their data and anything else Facebook. However, at this time it still does not affect users Europeans, Are still protected by certain rules, however, they may soon be violated.

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WhatsApp in panic: The status of the big company

Through a series of statements issued Niam Sweeney, Director of WhatsApp Policies EuropeIn the Middle East and Africa, the company took this position: “Recent updates on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been misreported Share Force users in the European region to allow sharing of data with Facebook for advertising purposes, under the penalty of not being able to continue Application Share. This is incorrect. There have been no changes to WhatsApp data sharing practices in the European region following the update. WhatsApp does not share users’ data in this region European You can use them to promote their products or ads with Facebook Advertising“.

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A Situation So this may change in Europe and other parts of the world, but it is as stable now as it was before. In short, the company denies what it is Users They tell themselves, what it looks like, the famous announcement is expected.

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So, games are minimal Europe Not done yet, we have to wait and understand what has really changed in other areas The world. Users, They can only wait.