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A site to download your vaccination certificate

A site to download your vaccination certificate

Drome is one of nine pilot fields currently being tested Telescope service, Allowing you to download your certified vaccine certificate via computer or smartphone.

In fact, from Thursday, May 20, residents of Dream and those insured under the Public Health Insurance Scheme will be able to obtain their certified vaccination certificate from an online service developed by Health Insurance.

The latter recalled that this certificate could “serve as the official source for the vaccine” for all future applications. It is necessary to attend large meetings, not forgetting that discussions are taking place at the European level to define the standards of vaccination certificates used to travel within the EU.

After a trial phase, the telecommunications service should be generalized by the end of May.

From May 3, health insurance states that vaccinating health professionals will issue this certificate in paper form to each vaccinated person. Those who have been vaccinated before this date or have not been certified for vaccination at the time of vaccination can now obtain their certificate directly through this telecommunications service.

Individuals who are uncomfortable and / or not easily equipped with digital devices may obtain their certification from the vaccinating specialist or from the attending physician. You can do this online by going to the France service counter near your home.

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