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Otworld: Soulstorm - Extensive Game Play Demo & Collector Edition Available

The Soulstorm and release trailer has now been released on the PlayStation Plus

The first PlayStation Plus game for April is already available Otward: Soulstorm, Which will initially appear as a digital version. PS5 users can download the title for free.

Otward: Soulstorm The second of Abe’s epic closes directly to the game and events Otward: The new ‘my’ is delicious Since 2014.

This time, the hesitant hero Abe became the leader of the growing revolution. Players will be immersed in a different Otward world universe, some parts of which require drastic action, while others will have to be kept secret.

In exciting action scenes, players can even feel Abe’s heartbeat, so the sinking feeling is even more thankful for Duolsen’s haptic feedback.

More topics will follow as the day progresses

There will be more in the course of the day The days went by And Zombie Army 4: Battle of the DeadAny PS4 owners can download it for free. With this, Sony significantly improves the PlayStation Plus lineup, which has been further criticized recently, especially compared to Microsoft’s GamePass.

The physics version will also be followed in July Otward: Soulstorm, Is also the collector version for PS4 and PS5.

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