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Hut 8 buys Nvidia GPUs for $ 30 million

Hut 8 buys Nvidia GPUs for $ 30 million

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Hut 8, one of the world’s largest bitcoin miners, is expanding its portfolio: 46,000 new Nvidia cards are expected to generate nearly 180,000 sales a day at the Ethereum mine.

The operator did not provide any specific information on which cryptocurrency mining processors are used. According to Nvidia, only 30HX and 40HX have been shipped so far, and the fast 50HX and 90HX will not be followed until the second quarter of 2021. Cottage8 Talks about 1,600 gigahs per second, which is currently earning $ 180,000 per day at current rates.

Using the 40HX, the mining company has purchased about 45,700 CMB accelerators. According to Nvidia, each card generates 36 megahs per second, requiring 185 watts, thus eliminating nominal board power and power consumption during ethereal mining. Most cards run with embedded firmware for more efficient operation with lower voltages.

Nvidia CMP

In the United States, electricity is included 10 cents Instead of being replaced 35 cents One kilowatt is cheaper than this country: that’s why it’s not $ 75,000, but only $ 20,000. However, CMPs alone are not enough; CPUs and motherboards and other components also require energy.

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Nvidia achieved record sales in the fourth quarter of 2020. Of the $ 3.056 billion in gaming, it is estimated that $ 100 to $ 300 million will go to crypto mining. Nvidia expects sales of 15 million million for the CMP HX30 / H40 in the first quarter of 2021, which is already obsolete with the Hut 8.

Overview of CMP HX (Graphic: Nvidia)

Company Name Department of the same name At Fletchley Park in England, mathematician Alan Turing worked to understand Nazi Engima. The previous two cryptocurrency mining processors – 30HX and 40HX – were based on the TU106 / TU116, named after Nvidia’s architectural touring.

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