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What it is, how to enable it and where to download it on your mobile

What it is, how to enable it and where to download it on your mobile

With over 10 million downloads on Android (in the case of official use, not to mention unofficial) we will explain to you what geocaching is and what a huge community is behind it. Invites us to leave the house to find “treasures”, instead, leave someone else with strangers.

Thanks to Geocaching You can find unknown places in your city, As well as anywhere else in the world, where geocaching operates outside of Spain so you can explore “together” with other users.

Geocaching is the largest community for finding treasures with your mobile

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Geocaching is a process based on the use of GPS to hide “treasures” (items left by users).. So, one person gets coordinates of one object, tries to figure it out, and leaves the other instead of other people constantly playing.

Geocaching is a real study. Some geocos are easy, but others are in remote locations that are not so easily accessible.

This is a fun and healthy activity that will help us find objects that are close to home and far away from home, and the “magic” of geo-caching comes as we move away from our territory. “Geocaches” (treasures) are usually hidden somewhere far away, so beautiful or something special.

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Next to the treasure Hidden in a small notebook or paper to write your name. So every person who finds a treasure and leaves another is “recorded”. It’s a small commitment to the community, and since it’s a solidarity game, we don’t seek to collect the items we find and leave campus.

Tg Image 3733710998Tg Image 3733710998 There are many types of treasure hunts that can be hidden in boxes and jars under a tree.

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Similarly, there are containers Contains items we cannot place, But we have to move them to another “geographical hideout”. Imagine that you are traveling through a city. You get a ‘cache’ whose hideout is at the other end of town, This is a great and different way to get around it.

With the official Geocaching app, the community can communicate with each other because they can send messages to other users, ask for tips, suggestions and more. In addition to this app, on both iOS and Android There are different unofficial applications, So that although the official application is our main recommendation, we can try something we like to play more.



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