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Game Boss guys?  Yes to Xbox, but Devolver calls Satan and refuses -

Game Boss guys? Yes to Xbox, but Devolver calls Satan and refuses –

Fall guys This is one of the best hits of the summer of 2020, thanks to the introduction of Sony’s subscription service within the PlayStation Plus. So it makes perfect sense for an arcade game to become part of another service: frankly we are talking Xbox Game Boss. Fans will definitely love it and the official account of the Microsoft site confirms its arrival. DeVolver Digital – Publisher – denies Everything though.

As you can see below, in fact, a kind of discussion arose on Twitter between Tom Warren of The Verge, Xbox Game Boss and Developer Digital. In such a situation, of course, We have to trust the editor’s words more Fall Guys (which he called “Dark Lord Satan” as a resource) rather than Microsoft service, but it is clear that this is a very strange mistake.

In fact, it is unthinkable that there are any plans for that, and that the caretaker of the Xbox Game Pass has accidentally revealed this. So DeVolver Digital may have given a general response to stop the rumors and postpone the announcement to the appointed time. There is nothing we can do now but to take note of what both sides have said and confirm it. Officially, Fall Guys were not expected To get on the Xbox Game Boss.

Currently we remember it The game is not available on Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, but only on PC and PS4. If this were actually released on the Microsoft service, would this happen at the same time as the release of the Xbox version?

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Finally, we point out that the second wave games for the Xbox Game Pass include Yakuza, Control and The Medium in January 2021.