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What is this business of getting electrocuted when dead dogs walk with their owners?

What is this business of getting electrocuted when dead dogs walk with their owners?

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January 07, 2021 11:55 am

A terrible death for a poor animal, a shock to its owner. In Milan Chaos, a small dog was electrocuted near the columns of San Lorenzo. Today Northern League player Gabriel Abiati wrote and deposited a question to the mayor and council, which will be discussed.

Chaos, dead dog in Milan

The facts remain until the afternoon of December 30, when Milan is still shrouded in snow. This is not an isolated case: at least three dogs died for the same reason, two a Cesano Boscon One in Parezio, as he says Milantode.

Chaos’s young owner, a twenty-year-old student and model Lapo who was walking with him, immediately took him to a veterinary hospital, but did nothing: “Chaos died, in my arms, a focus in the center of Milan. Crying, reaching for the faces, the eyes of the people around us, “he wrote in a touch. Post on Facebook.

The disturbance was caused by a 170-volt electrical discharge, which illustrates a square that was found and was in contact with snow and ice. It doesn’t have to happen. Appiadi asks for a survey of any other “current carrier” easily accessible by manholes, lights and animals.

Dogs on the street were electrocuted after the snowfall

A few days ago at Cesano Boscon another dog had his foot in a manhole while he was crossing the street with his master. At one point he fell to the ground, already lifeless: electricity flowed down the street due to a “current leak” – according to initial reports – to the previous hour’s heavy snowfall. As Mayor Simon Negri said, there were four similar chapters in other municipalities in the Milanese area on the same day.

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“Snowfall causes water, ice and ice to end up in manholes and build bridges – he explained – as soon as the dogs put their feet in the water they get electrocuted. This should not happen because these plants need to be isolated. These are objectively very annoying things, let’s try to understand what happened.”

Another dog died on the street from electric shock,