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Performance-analysis of the PS5 Mid60 FPS and PS4 Pro

Performance-analysis of the PS5 Mid60 FPS and PS4 Pro

In the new year, Digital Foundry has dedicated itself to another PS4 game that offers some benefits over the PS5. It was a sucker punch hit called “Ghost of Sushima”. In the analysis, the header on the new hardware runs at a smooth 60 FPS, which enables a smoother gaming experience.

Just 30 fps on PS4

For comparison: when playing on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, the samurai title is 30 fps by Sucker Punch Productions. Improvement in frame rate is possible with the added power of the PS5.

There is no independent new-gen version of “Ghost of Sushima” yet that may change in the coming weeks and months. New Zen update is also not available. Therefore, the upgrades of the PS5 are minimal. Except for 60 fps and fast loading times, nothing has changed.

Still, it’s good to know that Ghost of Sushima works better on the PS5. The Adventure was released in July 2020 for PS4. Next Us Our Last Part 2 “ Title is one of the last great games of the last generation.

In the case

In November last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment told the New York Times Current sales figures Named the “Ghost of Sushima”. At the time it was rumored that the PlayStation 4-exclusive Samurai adventure could now be sold more than five million times. It is one of the most successful new brands in recent years.

Below is the analysis video from Digital Foundry:

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