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What Does No Deposit Bonuses Mean?

Whether you are new to online gambling or you’ve been gambling for a while now, you should have heard about the term no deposit bonuses. Perhaps you’ve even heard about this bonus but have never thought about claiming them. Well, it’s high time you get started because it’s the ideal type of bonus you should fish out. 

Continue reading this piece to learn about what a no deposit bonus entails. Its upsides. How can you get it and ultimately how can you put it to great use to enjoy the best casino experience?

No Deposit Bonuses Explained 

Of course, there are many types of bonuses, and the reason why bonuses are available in varieties is quite simple. Online casino operators dole them out to attract more players to their site. However, it’s no gainsaying to point out that out of these many bonuses, the no deposit bonuses stand out because of its many upsides. 

A no deposit bonus is a unique bonus type that is usually allotted to players to play right on the spot without wagering their money. It’s like free cash given to players to punt on certain bonus games. 

Mostly, the only condition that might hinder you from claiming the bonus is your non-membership to the casino. Hence, you should be able to claim the bonus immediately after you register at a casino. 

Sometimes, you might require a special bonus code to claim the bonus. Get the code, input it and claim the bonus, whenever this is the case. You must know that to make betting on real-time games one of your profitable hobbies; it’s a must for you to bag as many no deposit bonuses as possible. 

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Types of no deposit bonuses

Online casinos are at liberty to offer whatever type of no deposit bonus they deem fit to satisfy their players. Nevertheless, here are some common types of no deposit bonuses you can claim at our recommended casinos: 

  • Free Spins 

Free spins can only be used on slot machines and some table games like roulette. Mostly, a free spin bonus is given out freely for players to play specified slots; but if the casino is benevolent, it might place no restrictions on what slots to play.

  • Gambling Credit 

This comes mostly as free cash, and it’s usable to play all sorts of casino games, including video slots, table games, and live dealer games. Most times, it comes with a maximum limit. 

  • Free Chips 

A free chip is a no deposit bonus, which is useful for trying out poker games and other types of live games. 

How To Get No Deposit Bonus

Grabbing a no deposit bonus for the best use is not a big deal at all. To swiftly grab yours, follow the simple steps below: 

  • Find a good casino offering the best no deposit bonus 
  • Sign up at the casino site
  • If you have to use a bonus code, ensure to get it 
  • Complete your registration and verify your account 
  • Once all this is done, you’re good to go 

Wagering Requirement

With all being said about the no deposit bonus, there are certain criteria that a player must meet before he can access the bonus. One of these criteria is the wagering requirement. Categorically, a wager is defined as a coefficient multiplied by the bonus funds for more wagering on new bets. The player cannot withdraw any deposit bonus offered unless the wagering condition is met. After this, the player can transfer the money from the bonus account to the casino account and later to their bank account. Wagering requirements differ based on the casino, but conventionally, the wager is x20-x40.

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Restrictions in No Deposit Bonus

Most times, the no deposit bonus is inaccessible to a player due to certain restrictions. One of these restrictions includes the availability of no deposit bonus in certain regions alone, even if the casino operates in restricted countries. The other possible restriction a no deposit bonus offer may face is that most casinos do not allow simultaneously activated bonuses. The casinos with this kind of restriction do not allow a player to get another bonus when the no deposit bonus is operative. Also, a player might not be able to activate any deposit bonus except he has used or refused another promotional offer.


It is advisable that players know all the different varieties of no deposit bonuses obtainable and choose the one that will be advantageous. Besides the no deposit bonuses stated above, players can also benefit from a no deposit bonus code and several other types of no deposit bonuses based on their chosen casino. No matter how genuine your reason is, ensure that you don’t miss out on the most sought-after bonus in online casinos. At some casinos, a player is given the right to choose whether they want comp points, free spins, or money to play. Whichever it is, ensure you make good use of your No Deposit Bonus.