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Video Gaming vs Online Gambling: Comparing These Two

To the majority of us, online gaming means exactly what it says. It refers to the practice of playing online video games, often against other players, or even simultaneously with hundreds of others. Video gaming has undergone an evolutionary transformation from a pastime played with friends at home to a hobby played alone on the Internet among a few hundred friends worldwide.

However, some people define ‘online gaming’ in a completely different way. Online gaming for them is simply visiting a gambling website and playing the titles available on that site. You have to place your bets, spin the wheels, and wait to find out if you’ve won anything. In other words, gambling.

So what is the actual difference between the two? Let’s find out by comparing video gaming and online gambling.

What Causes the Confusion?

In recent years, the difference between the two types has diminished. Although online gaming has evolved into a multi-player online role-playing era, casino software developers have been incorporating the elements of video games into their casino products. Nowadays, online casino titles are full of side quests and special features that look right at home in a traditional video game. Therefore, the lines between online gambling and video games are blurred.

In terms of financial value, these two things are the same. A report lists online gaming’s annual revenue as becoming a multi billion dollars industry, but that figure includes MMOGs and titles played through a web browser. The markets are connected one to another, so there’s no differentiation between them.

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Online Casino Players VS Gamers

Gaming enthusiasts may not wish to be grouped with those who gamble at online casinos. Gaming enthusiasts that like Fortnite DOTA2, PUBG, or LoL aren’t usually considered gamblers. Still, the online casino, as opposed to online games, offers the chance to earn real money and assists players in doing so. Be sure to look for online casinos that offer free spins no deposit bonuses, as these will allow you to receive additional winnings. In addition, you are likely to find that those who are enthusiastic about casino entertainment would not readily identify themselves as online gamers. When they step back, however, both parties may realize they have a good deal in common.

The Thin Line Between Video Gaming and Online Gambling

Those who have purchased loot boxes in the past without knowing what it contains and haven’t considered themselves to be gambling are lying to themselves. There will likely be a law regulating loot boxes as gambling very soon. There are already restrictions or bans in some places. Every time a person puts money into an online casino product, they pay for an unknown value that would improve their gaming experience. It’s quite possible that gamers are looking for a new skin or weapon. In a casino, players may want better odds, or a higher probability of winning.

Video games have levels, progressions, characters, and combat, which may be surprising to some. In recent years, online casinos have included these elements in their gameplay. King Kong Cash is another example, featuring a bonus round with the style and look of the classic Donkey Kong. Casino titles like Wild Worlds or Fluffy In Space represent the whole appeal of colorful and cute characters, and fans of Final Fantasy VII will be very familiar with their battle sequences. A casino version differs from a regular video game in that players are sometimes paid, although winnings are paid for, too.

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Will Casino Games Go Down the MMO Alley?

In addition to the fact that casino products are reserved for adults and cost a lot more than video games, there is only one substantial difference between video gaming industry and casino industry – you cannot play a casino MMO. Right now, that is the case, but things are likely to change soon.

There have already been several popular video titles adapted as casino versions. There was Tomb Raider and Street Fighter in the beginning, but now there is a casino version for Call of Duty, the biggest online multiplayer in history. There aren’t any online casinos where you can compete with hundreds of other players right now – except for some online poker tournaments – but that may be changing.

The number of casinos testing out virtual reality is increasing as 2022 progresses. With this, there are a number of goals, but the most important one is to give the player a feeling of walking around a real casino, meeting other players, and playing slots, as well as live games with them. As soon as this idea has been realized, it is likely that hundreds of people will be simultaneously playing on these slots websites.


At that point, it would be harder and harder to tell the difference between one type of gaming and another. It is inevitable that the lines between pay to play and pay to progress concepts in MMOs will become blurred as they become more widespread. So, in what ways are video games different from online ones? The answer is not much in 2022.

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