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What do you get for your money?

What do you get for your money?

At the Apple event on September 14, the team showed off the sixth generation of the small iPod mini. With a new interior, it should leave the competition, but the screen will cause problems. Golem colleagues have now tested Cupertino’s smallest tablet. That’s how it is The tablet costs at least 550 euros?

It offers the 6th generation iPod mini

In 2019, Apple last modified the small iPod mini. Now the sixth generation is following. Inside is the highest level of expansion of the A15 bionic chip, which works on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The A15 Bionic only has four GPU cores on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, while all other models have five GPU cores. The LCD display now measures 8.3 inches instead of 7.9 inches and is compatible with the 2nd generation of the Apple Pencil. The dimensions of the iPod mini (6th generation) have not changed compared to the previous iteration, so the display bezels are narrower. Henceforth, the Touch ID is located on the tablet’s on / off switch. Instead of the proprietary Lightning connection, the iPad Mini now uses USB-C as well.

Compared to the iPod mini 5, the mini 6 is 100 euros more expensive and has become It costs about 550 euros with 64 gigabytes of non-expandable storage. For 889 euros, the customer gets the iPad mini 6 with 256 gigabytes of storage and 5G support. Also, the 12-megapixel camera on the back not only has an LED flash, but also a new aperture with f / 1.8 instead of the master and f / 2.4 up to 2160b. The front camera also now has 12 megapixels, has an aperture with f / 2.4 and supports tracking mode so that the iPod can always keep the user at the center of the recording.

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Jelly scrolling is annoying – ghosts are annoying

The touch screen provides a sharp display and the colors reproduce well, but not at all as glossy as the screen. Some testers are concerned about what is called “jelly scrolling”. The iPod mini 6 updates the screen contents at different speeds, which can lead to a shaky display. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable with text, which also wants to be read in a pictorial form. However, Golem colleagues do not find “jelly scrolling” annoying because the text is read slowly.

However, the iPod mini 6 has a different screen problem. If you touch the scene with too much pressure, the ghost can occur. Some users say that even the slightest pressure on the touch screen is enough to experience this event. The Golem editorial board can also confirm this problem, but it should only occur under very strong pressure.

Effective pen support and excellent performance

For the first time, an iPod mini also supports the Apple Pencil. According to test reports, the active stylus works just as easily as other iPods. It will be like this The iPod Mini 6 is a small, digital notebook. For example, the Folio keyboard does not have a keyboard dock for the smaller iPod because it is so large in terms of its dimensions.

The built-in Apple A15 Bionic chipset lends a lot of footing to the iPod Mini6. However, the CPU has a lower clock rate than the iPhone 13. The tablet has only 2.9 GHz instead of 3.2 GHz, but by the standards it is still fast enough to be faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. The battery lasts for a day, and the iPod mini 6 can watch a full HD movie with six hours of full screen brightness.

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Package for Apple iPad Mini 6:

  • Apple sends iPad mini 6 for testing How about a small 8.3 inch tablet?
  • Performance is solid and Qualcomm puts the Snapdragon 888 in the shade. In addition, the battery lasts for a day.
  • The screen shows light and shadow. It is reassuring with good color rendering and sharp display, but can cause jelly scrolling and ghosting.
  • With pen support, the iPod Mini 6 is a portable digital notebook.
  • You can buy the Apple iPad Mini 6 for at least 550 euros.

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