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Sub-fees from school funds, schools must report to the unions.  Download the template to do that

Sub-fees from school funds, schools must report to the unions. Download the template to do that

At the beginning of each academic year, schools report to the trade unions, which have signed up to the National Collective, at the end of the school year, the amount of the dissolution of the supplementary fees carried out under the Institutional Fund and the MOF Fund. For contract and single union representatives elected within the school organization. The trade union information obligation is based on the law contained in section 5 of the 2016-2018 National Collective Labor Agreement on Education and Research.

Aaron notes

In this regard, the Organization for the Negotiation of Public Administration (ARAN) has intervened in the memorandum dated 10 December 2020 and has completely changed the structure of trade union relations as outlined by the previous CCNL 2016-2018 Education and Research Division previous summation. Bargaining agreement for the school sector 2006-2009. In particular, Article 22 is no longer “Names of employees used in activities and projects paid for with school funds“No”Salary paid separately”.

Guarantee of Privacy Clarification

Following that, the guarantor for the protection of personal data intervened with note 28.4202 n.49472, clarifying that the school could fulfill the union information obligations and provided the union organizations Total data on payments made by MOF funds only, Can be broken down by “bands” or “qualifications”, It is not possible to specify the names of the salaried employees or the amount paid separately. The guarantor, at present, does not allow schools to communicate personal data such as law, or does not fall within the purview of the trade unions, in accordance with the integrated provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Law Order. . My. June 30, 2003 196 (Code relating to the protection of personal data).

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Right to access documents

The above is related to trade union affairs, so the forms of expression of administrative documents in accordance with the limits and procedures established by art are unaffected. 22 ff. Legal number. 241 of 1990, governing the right to access documents, after the school had evaluated the concrete and current interest associated with the exhibition of documents, recognized that it was limited.Knowledge of the documents covering the characteristics of the trade union as the fastest company in the category and employment positions of the individual members of the trade union“Therefore, requests for access to nominal liquidation documents of the salaries of sub-staff should be rejected if they are aimed at general control of the work of the educational institution.

It is useful to note that if a formal request for access is accepted, the trade union organization is directly responsible for the personal data it holds and their processing and use. The barrier to any publication and / or dissemination remains unaffected.

Attached is an editable form of subsequent union information on the payroll.