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A Chinese rocket strikes Italy in the "free fall"

A Chinese rocket strikes Italy in the “free fall”

A Chinese rocket Free fall will hit our country and especially the central south. This is the Long March 5B rocket, which orbited the first core block of the new space station in Beijing on April 29, with the launch of the Tiangong E. 90 minutes. It is not possible to calculate the exact path to the sea at a predetermined location.

Free fall rocket

Experts fear that its uncontrolled re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere is expected around May 10, May rain debris. Scientists then began with different hypotheses about what might happen. It was recalled by Luciano Anselmo of Pista’s National Research Council, Isti-CNR’s Institute of Information Science and Technology “This is the second time in this version of the rocket. In 2020, when pieces fell in some villages in Africa, the first “. But at this point, in the midst of the epidemic, the news has faded into the background. But now the situation is worrying. Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astronomy in Cambridge, USA, explained to Tiba that, in the worst case scenario, it would be similar to a small plane crash, but enough pieces and debris could cause extensive damage.

In Ivory Coast in May last year, 6 days after the first flight from Long March 5B, when it crashed, it dropped debris that damaged homes and villages. It was the largest vector to collide with Earth in 1979 from the American space laboratory Skylab. Its reuse path is incalculable. On the site spaceenews.comExpert Andrew Jones thinks the rocket will land in an uninhabited area like the oceans that cover 70% of our planet. Also, he said it more “Conflicts that affect an individual Space debris They are very low, estimated at 1 in many trillions. “

The reason for the launch

Beijing aims to bring back the unmanned spacecraft Moon rocks. The rocket carrying the vehicle took off from the Wenchang Space Center in the southern island of Hainan. Beijing hopes to have a manned space station by 2022 and then send humans to the moon. The idea is to clear lunar rocks and soil to help scientists learn about the moon’s origin, formation and volcanic activity on its surface. The work was originally scheduled for 2017, but a rocket engine failure caused a delay.

Warning for central-southern Italy

However, according to some estimates, it could fall between 41.5 degrees in the north and 41.5 degrees in the south, and variations in orbit include central and southern Italy. Following the launch, the rocket dropped into orbit and then nothing was known. The only influence it receives is that the brakes of the atmosphere are directed towards the earth. As Anselmo said, the launch on April 29 was correct, but after that the rocket dropped into orbit and gave no signs of life. In short, its status is unknown. Now it behaves like a passive vehicle. This skepticism supports the fact that the orbit it describes is similar to that of its predecessor in 2020 and similar to the prototype of the old Chinese space station in 2018. However, according to experts, making predictions is still in its infancy because of precisionAround the circular path May vary. “Coming back in the middle of next week, with a few days of uncertainty.” , The expert concluded.

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