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Live A Live Title

Live A Live Demo – Progress will continue and how to download

Long live the live title

Image via Nintendo

Live a Live is a classic RPG from the creators of Chrono Trigger and has received a remake of the modern consoles featured on the Nintendo Direct in February. Those interested in the title will be delighted to learn that there is a demo to play before the full release. But you may be wondering if the demo’s improvement goes to the whole game.

Will the Live A Live demo save data be retained?

If you are wondering if the Live A Live demo will be extended to the full game, the answer is yes. The demo can be downloaded and run before its release on July 22, 2022. This means you can run the demo and get started on launch day.

How to download live demo

There are two ways to download the Live A Live demo for the Nintendo Switch. You can go to the Live A Live Store page and download it. Make sure you are signed in to your Nintendo account and your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet. Or you can search and download Live A Live in Nintendo iShop on your switch. Anyway, you need to click the button to download the demo.

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How to play live demo

After downloading the Live A Live demo, you can select and run it from the home screen of your Nintendo Switch. The demo offers three chapters:

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  • Imperial China
  • Twilight of Edo in Japan
  • The distant future

After playing the demo, you can transfer your saved data to the full game as soon as it is released. If you enjoyed the demo, Live a Live is now available for pre-order.

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