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Well, the purifier is being dumped into the sea without permission: the demand was rejected after 8 years

Well, the purifier is being dumped into the sea without permission: the demand was rejected after 8 years

The renewal application submitted in 2013 was rejected. The municipality has to start anew

Well, the purifier is being dumped into the sea without permission: the demand was rejected after 8 years

By Andrea Rifato | Yesterday | Authenticity

Piana District Refinery in Nice

Purified sewage continues to be dumped into the sea without permission The interfacial purifier of Nissa de Sicilia is used by the municipalities of Fiamedinici and Ali Term. The Regional Department of Energy and Public Utilities actually rejected the renewal request issued by the NICE Commission in October 2013 and eight years later filed an application for approval to unload the plant at sea in Piano County. The municipality is allocating an additional 500 500 for the procedure to begin the process of resubmitting it. The denial was ordered by the Department of Water and Sewerage, “Legislative Order no. 152/06 and Regional Law Number Table 5. parameter 27/86 parameter for animal and vegetable fats and oils. And requested to send explanations.The results of the analysis carried out at the entrance and exit of the federal refinery from 2015 to 2017, the preliminary inquiry to be sent in the following months, in January 2018, the region requests the submission of other supporting documents and clarifications to the requests made four years ago for non-compliance with the documents sent, but In August of the same year, due to the lack of response to the request, the announcement of the archive was made. The Nice Municipal Administration responds to the report, reporting on the importance of the organization and to some extent justifying the technical limitations of the structure. Violations found.

In June 2019, Arba again reported a series of contradictions And after four months of review and, the Region informs the Mayor that it intends to continue filing an application for authorization for discharge for non-compliance with the schedule limits provided by current law. A week later observations and clarifications are left to Palermo, but if the municipality does not make analyzes and the plant is not affected by inconsistencies in the incoming sewage, it can comply with regulatory limits for discharge. In April 2020, the ARPA, after a survey conducted in November 2019, demonstrated that there were several important issues with the purifier and in May this year the municipality sent out other supporting documents. Then, in August, the department evaluated the management plan for the restructuring and regulatory adaptation of the refinery between the municipalities, indicating the revisions needed for a positive evaluation. The plant complied with the limit for proper operation and unloading into the sea by submarine, but two days later Arba Cecilia sent an inspection and inspection report on 12 July, eight years after the approval for landing at sea came back due to the lack of defects and control equipment, 300 euros per file filed Was forced to pay.