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Google is announcing a number of new features targeting almost all Android users

The holiday season is approaching Google Has decided to release a series called New to Android, To make it easier to use your smartphone in multiple situations. This way, it will be easier to keep the memories of the next holidays and replace them with an eye for safety and personalization.

Family hours

In these chaotic days, with thousands of appointments and deadlines to meet, what could be better than that Family Bell, configurable on Android smartphones and smart speakers and smart displays. This way, you can receive announcements and reminders for the most important moments of each day without forgetting any deadline or commitment.

Of course, for the whole family, there is no shortage of suggestions on how to spend time together or find new ways to spend your free time. Family bell can be easily and instantly managed from supported devices.

New widgets

Widgets are always one of the most popular features Android, Allowing you to view content and information at home without having to open a related app. Today Google Introduces Three New Widgets, For many applications, this week will definitely be appreciated.

We start with the new widget Google Play Library, Which allows you to quickly access your library or follow the progress of listening to an audiobook. We are continuing the widget for this YouTube Music It provides background controls and a list of recently played songs.

It will close next week with a new widget for Google Photos that will keep your family’s photos, including pets, close at hand. Select the frame and the widget will take care of the rest.

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New memories in Google Photos

Those who appreciate the memories of Google Photo, Like it New projects showing the most important events, Christmas holidays, New Years, Halloween, birthdays or graduation ceremonies.

Everyone can customize the contents, remove unwanted memories or edit misplaced photos, for an impressive and relevant experience.

Android Auto Upgrade

Can be used from today Google Pixel6, Google Pixel 6 Pro e Samsung Galaxy S21 Per BMW cars compatible with open and close, Turns your smartphone into a real digital key. Not only open the doors but also start the car, So you can say goodbye to forgotten keys at home.

Even if it is possible Launch Android Auto automatically by connecting your smartphone to a compatible car Receives information and directions automatically without distraction from driving. You can use voice commands to quickly find or use your favorite music Google Assistant Respond to received messages.

Better privacy management

How many times do we download forgotten apps or games on our smartphone after we have granted forgotten permissions? Google always focuses on and introduces these aspects of privacy Automatically reset runtime permissions for unused applications.

If necessary, you can re-grant permissions by opening the app or through the smartphone settings. The new feature will be released on all devices running Android 6.0 or later in the next few weeks.

New additions to your emojis

New for use emoji lovers too Gboard, From now on you can create new emojis by merging existing ones. Thanks to Emoji Kitchen, it allows you to attach emojis as new stickers, making it easy to always have the right image for every occasion, especially considering the many holidays waiting for us.

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The beta version of Gboard can now create thousands of new features Will be coming in standard version starting in next few weeks. Are you ready to spend the end of the year holidays in the company of all these Android news?