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Welcome to Goodbye Hatobi, Arkham

Welcome to Goodbye Hatobi, Arkham

The Audiovisual Reform Bill provides for the integration of CSA and Hatobi into one organization: Arcom.

The audiovisual reform was approved by the National Assembly. It helps to create Arkham. © Dico –

On June 23, the National Assembly passed a bill to regulate and protect access to cultural works in the digital age. This is a series of steps to implement audiovisual reform. One of the primary provisions of the Act is that the higher authority to disseminate works and the protection of rights on the Internet (Hatobi) be linked to the CSA. The merger of the two organizations will give birth to the Audiovisual and Digital Communications Regulatory Authority, also known as Arcom.

« It is necessary to install a new controller to accommodate the progressive integration of audiovisual and digital 2, Minister of Culture Roslyn Bachelot explained at the beginning of the speech in the National Assembly.

What does the bill say about regulating and preserving access to cultural works in the digital age?

There are 5 important steps in the law:

  1. The Creating a blockchain Economic model of sites based on large-scale exploitation of counterfeit and copyright infringing content.
  2. The Fight against glass bases, Including the content of the site which is considered illegal.
  3. Establishment a Specific device for hacking in the game To fight against live broadcasts outside the legal framework of sporting events.
  4. The Hatobi and CSA link Create Arkham. The organization aims to combat theft, fight against online misinformation and hate, and work for the protection of minors online.
  5. A creation Device securing public access to French cinematography and audiovisual works Whose rights have been transferred to foreign companies.

The adoption of the law benefited from the speedy procedure. In fact, the audiovisual reform was already planned a year ago, but was delayed due to Govt. It should come into effect by the end of the summer.

Hatobi, results after 12 years

Founded in 2009, Hatobi aims to combat online piracy and especially P2B (peer to peer) downloads, which were widespread at the time. High authority implemented the principle of graduated response: Internet users who were caught downloading a work illegally first received a warning email. In case of recurrence within 6 months, a second alert was mailed to them. Finally, if a third recurrence occurs within 12 months, the case is being investigated by the Rights Protection Commission, which may take the case to court. Internet users will be fined 500 1,500.

In one Operational report released in 2019, Hatobi greeted himself: “C.Of the nearly 13 million alerts sent to Internet users for copyright infringement and 70% of cases, the facts were not repeated after the first warning ”. But in 2020, 11 years after the introduction of Hatobi, NextImpact Revealed the financial results of the High Power: A $ 87,000 fine levied on $ 82 million in public grants.

So the regulatory body is more expensive in public money. In addition, it has lost interest due to the evolution of digital practices. In fact, peer-to-peer downloads now represent only a quarter of illegal downloads. Streaming and live downloading have become so pervasive practices that Hatobi cannot act against it. This is how Arcom was created: to give the organization more powers and tools to fight the new type of online theft.

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