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Nvidia Shield shows TV ads, plagued by angry users

Nvidia Shield shows TV ads, plagued by angry users

Recently, Nvidia’s Shield TV interface migrated from Android TV to Google TV. The change that has brought pubs to a place that has never been before. In response, users are attacking the rating of the Android TV app.

Sony DSC

Sony DSC

Nvidia’s Best TV Shield Recently changed interface, Leaving Android TV for Google TV. A Priory, This change should not cause a big stir. It was essentially a refreshing one.

Unfortunately, with this change, Shield TV came as an unpleasant surprise to users. View ads on their interface. The Android TV ecosystem was saved, but not Google TV. In a product that trades between 150 and 200 euros, it is a stain.

“Total disrespect”

In response, hundreds of users attacked Android TV Home. The rating of the app has dropped to 1.1 stars and the impassioned comments follow each other, which suggests here a Disaster, Is “Harmful update”. Most of the feedback came from users of Nvidia Shield TV, but so far TVs running on Android TV.

Many complain that their television has become an advertising space. “Malicious Update Displaying Unwanted Sponsored Content (Advertising) Banner”, Refers to the Internet user. “It shows a total lack of respect for customers. I’m been thinking for a while about hating myself, I think it’s straw that breaks the camel’s back, Start another.

Towards an interim solution

If some comments criticize some new interface, we understand this Review Blast – The practice of attacking a rating on the Internet to express a product’s anger or dissatisfaction – caused it to include ads for lost products.

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Some Internet users, especially Reddit, have found the beginning of a temporary solution against what they consider to be a nuisance. It is still possible to go to Options and uninstall the update. You must also disable automatic updates from the Google Play Store. Others think back towards a third-party initiator.