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Weekly poll: Rumors about the new Nintendo Switch – what should the model be called? – ntower

This Sunny Sunday, we welcome you to our survey of the week, we see hot and exciting topics every week in this format. As always, let’s look at the previous survey first before starting a new one.

Last week’s poll

Last week we asked you what amoeba characters are actually allowed to do. So how unique are the amoeba characters? While most of you have no problem with things like clothes or collectibles, many prefer that the amoeba characters can only unlock items that they can get through the game. You can see what other users think Past News Consider.

Weekly poll

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro, the new Nintendo Switch or whatever you want to call will not stop. We are about to be officially announced by Nintendo. Until then, we can only look at the rumors and think about what this console will be called. Here are the current weekly rumors about this console:

But what is the name of the console? Many of you may not be really excited about the name “New Nintendo Switch Pro”. What name do you think of? Let us know in the comments how Nintendo calls hardware fix with OLED screen, 4K support and very powerful chip. We look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks to Triora for the suggestion!

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