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Stumble! Talk show, today we are talking about new rumors on Mytopia and Nintendo Switch Pro

Come back on social channels this afternoon after last week’s break Gamescore A new chapter Stumble!, A talk show dedicated to the gaming world. The appointment is confirmed within hours 16:00 Its Traction, Web light, e Dictoc (And then in response Facebook). In connection Nico, Andrea, Giovanni and Enrico will tell you yours on the following topics:


Roll-flaming and adventure video game with a legendary theme from Nintendo. A welcome enhancement of what was previously seen in the episode for 3DS, finally actively activating the characters Many Replace family consoles.

New rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro

  • Rumor from Mexico: Amazon lists Mexico New Nintendo Switch Pro Remove as soon as the sales advertisement is completed.
  • Rumor from China: Said an Asian gaming peripheral manufacturer Have approached the new console. The dock expands at the rear and has ports USB 3.0 is an Ethernet port. The new console is current or identical. There are narrow bezels to catch one of the differences Large 7 inch screen That’s one Removable kickstand Nintendo may have been inspired to support the console in tablet mode, such as Microsoft’s Surface Line flap. The number of pieces at the beginning of the console will be very small due to the current situation in hardware production that has already hit all competitors.
  • Rumor has it Emily Rogers from the inside note: The announcement of Switch Pro will take place between today and tomorrow (27-28 / 05/2021; yes … OK). Metroid Episode 2D In conjunction with the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro.
  • Bloomberg Rumor: Equipped with Nintendo Switch Pro Schermo OLED It may come in September or October. Production will begin in July, with the announcement likely to come before E3 2021. The new console should change the current model over time, But it is still expensive.
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Last Updated: 2021-05-30 at 06:00