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We rated the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 features as the best from the worst

We rated the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 features as the best from the worst

Tired of your switch software? No more, buster! The company has released the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 software update, which is packed with luxurious new features.

Instead of listing everything and telling you that everything will be fine, we do something else: rank the latest updates from the worst to the best. Yes, you are Can Just Go here and check out all the updates – But where’s the fun in that?

So, here are the new features in the rankings from WORST to BEST in the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 update.

7) New ‘Trend with friends’ feature

Two products. First: I don’t care if my friends are playing. Second: I don’t want to know how long they’ve been playing. Or, really, someone should even have my game time. This is my business.

Back Who cares?

6) 12 new icons coming on Nintendo Switch 11.0.0

These are all Mario related, would it be nice if you like Mario so much, I think? But I also struggle to start worrying.

5) Ability to copy video and screen shots via USB

Yes, the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 update allows you to insert your console into a computer and capture the screen shots or videos you want from it. This may be helpful to some, but I can’t As always Imagine connecting my switch to my computer to capture a picture of Link Butt placing it on a dead mob. Normal feature.

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4) Nintendo Switch is included in the online home menu

I’m a fan of Nintendo Switch Online – but I’m questioning how much I need or like this new button. Is it getting service fast? Undoubtedly? But is it also a trash can? you tell.

3) Downloads can be prioritized on the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 update

I am a big fan of this. There were a few moments when I accidentally set up a full load of games to update, I wait to do nothing, but think about my pathetic presence. The less it is, the better.

2) Transferring files to your phone wirelessly (or other smart device)

Again – I’m not really into sharing screen shots, but I think it’s good. It makes more sense to shoot some files wirelessly from a switch than to insert content into a computer. What are we, animals?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 update is one of the best features.

1) Save the attached data to the consoles

This is the best new feature. I wish the account-linked storage data should have been a few years ago.

Before I got a switch, I created an account on a friend’s console and paid for hours and hours Wild breath. When did I finally get my own console? I had to start all over again. Like a dickhead.

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Yes, I had to suffer, but all those little times I never had to go through what I did – which means I have something for the Lord over them. A win-win. Admittedly this would be very useful for everyone with the regular switch and lite version, but this ranking is about me, so whatever. Touch my top case.

Anyway, it’s over! Most of the new features in the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 update are now rated and you can not do a bad thing about it.

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December 1, 2020 – 11:10 UTC Posted