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Hot Pursuit Remastered Gets Great Link - My Nintendo News

Hot Pursuit Remastered Gets Great Link – My Nintendo News

EA’s Fun Legacy Racer Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit recently received remaster treatment on Nintendo Switch and other gaming platforms. A new update is available for download today, and it has a wealth of changes and fixes that will make the switch game even more enjoyable. Need for Speed: Here’s what’s changed and fixed in the first big batch for Hot Pursuit Remastered.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause audio glitches during races and filming.
  • When you change the VOIP / microphone settings, it should now continue to the lobbies you join.
  • If the headset is plugged in after joining the multiplayer lobby, the VOIP system now works.
  • Text speech should now act on players on the same platform.
  • A similar issue also affected speech audio distortion of text, which has now been resolved.


  • Interception lobbies should now be limited to two players.
  • Once selected the “Change access” menu will now disappear properly.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not switch from lobby to racing.

Display / UI

  • Players should no longer see voice icons from other sites. Voice chat is available in the game when cross play is turned off. When cross-play is enabled, voice chat is restricted to each site’s party chat system. This reference is now also shown in privacy settings.
  • You can no longer get stuck in the driver details menu.
  • When a friend beats your time, the exact date will now be displayed in the Autolog notification.
  • When the Hot Pursuit multiplayer event is distorted as a racer, the player list is now displayed only once on the screen.
  • If you change the console language and local settings, Autolog notifications will now be displayed in the respective language.
  • The trophies you need to get (for cop / racer teams) should now open properly, and you should act in advance even if you have any that you should have received.
  • When using custom colors, the color displayed in the “Last / Recent” slots should now be displayed correctly. It did most of the time, but there were some scenes where it wasn’t.
  • Fixed an interruption issue on a hill in Boulder Roadside.
  • The Force Boxster Spider now allows you to recreate “Speed ​​Yellow” using custom color palettes.
  • Some events are missing speedwalls, which are present and visible on the industry map.
  • The “Beauty and the Beasts” summary screen now shows the grace it received for finishing 3rd.
  • When the connection is lost and reconnected, the player avatar will be displayed correctly on the speedwall.
  • Announcements that a friend has won you over at an interception event will no longer be disconnected when scrolling at the bottom of the map screen, and they should no longer show random question marks.
  • During the introduction of the Most Wanted event, the correct names and symbols should now be displayed above the vehicles.
  • You no longer have to face a narrow black screen when going from the suspended menu to the submenus during multiplayer racing.
  • The car shadow should no longer illuminate the police station parking lot on Cascade Terrace Road.
  • When you view your own profile on the PS4, the game you are currently playing is now displayed correctly.
  • After sending / receiving a game call request from a friend, a confirmation notification will now be displayed as intended.
  • When you are in single player racing, the exact game mode is now reflected in your friends list and dashboard.
  • The player avatar frame will now disappear after the first loading screen.
  • Player avatars should now be better aligned with the names on the end screens.
  • When cross-play is enabled, the platform identifier should now be displayed next to the name not only on the leaderboard but also during a race.
  • When cross-play is enabled, all platform identifiers have the same white shadow / opacity of the icon.
  • The VOIP icon does not overwrite player names on cross-game multiplayer Race Outro screens.
  • You can now add players to your friends list from the “Recent Players” tab.
  • In photo mode, if the “Show Damage” transition is set to “On”, the upper part of the police car sirens will no longer be dimmed.
  • Removed unnecessary tax from user agreement.
  • After changing the resolution several times, the debut film “My Business” is yet to be released in full screen.
  • If you have pointed out a few, a ranking 21 is shown as the next ranking. It was unplanned and is now fixed – Ranking 20 is the highest ranking.
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  • Traditional Chinese: With all fees paid, the “jammer” text on the HUD is now in place.
  • All languages: Updated localized technical support files in the game installation support folder.
  • Spanish: Long player names should no longer overlap in the “Autolog Recommendations” section.


  • When “Most Wanted” exits during the ongoing race, all players must return to the menu as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the game might crash when selecting career events.
  • Repeating the event multiple times should no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the game might crash when selecting the auto-recommend menu.
  • When you join a friend’s lobby while in photo mode, you will no longer encounter the black screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused an accident during an arms racing session.
  • Fixed two issues that may have arisen during the “unjust force” event.
  • Solved the problem that can lead to game hanging when sharing your time on the wall.
  • After pausing your game on your console for a while you can now join a friend without friction.

Nintendo Switch

  • The online status of friends is now displayed correctly in the friends list.
  • Bornstormer, Awesome Inspired and Improved Visual Performance Under Pressure.