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Super Mario Bros. Holiday Theme My Nintendo Rewards are now available in the US |

Super Mario Bros. Holiday Theme My Nintendo Rewards are now available in the US |

Earlier this year, Nintendo surprised everyone with its physical rewards My Nintendo Back to the west. Big is adding my new rewards frequently, releasing themes after Splutton 2, Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster, Mario Kart Circuit and so on. With the release of new holiday themed items just in time for the season, it looks like they are not finished for the year yet!

One of the first of these happy new rewards Super Mario Christmas tree ornament. Festive Bobble features everyone’s favorite plumber dressed in red overlays and a Santa hat surrounded by gifts. This jewelry is available to order for 800 platinum points.

The second reward is a set of three Holiday greeting cards. These cards also feature Super Mario themed and Peach, Bowser and of course Mario wrapped gifts all over the top. Greeting card package is available to order for 300 Platinum points.

As a reminder though, no matter what reward you choose, you will have to pay a flat rate shipping fee of $ 5 and taxes. We recommend retrieving your body rewards together and pick up an item or two at Nintendo’s online store.

Like my Nintendo Body Rewards, these festive goodies are also in limited supply, so if someone catches your luxury it’s a good idea to go beyond them as soon as possible!

Written by Marcus Ramirez

A writer and dreamer who loves everything tropical, bright, colorful and glossy. Marcus is a maniac in Kingdom Hearts, waiting patiently for a successful return to Nintendo hardware. He has a (completely genuine) court order that he should always change a 3DS or his person when he leaves the house for more than a few hours.

Marcus Ramirez

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