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Members of the Nintendo Switch piracy group have been arrested and charged with fraud

Team executor members of a console hacking and piracy group were recently arrested and charged with fraud. Members arrested in the Dominican Republic.


Among those arrested were Gary Bowser, a Canadian national, believed to be the team’s executor, and Max Lourne, originally from France.

This is not the first time Bowser and his team have appeared on radar. In May, Nintendo slapped the group with two lawsuits for selling pirated switch titles through a site called Uber Ships. Nintendo has accused Bounter of using an unauthorized operating system, which could have successfully hacked the system.

Surprisingly, Nintendo even went after ROM sites that distributed cracked game files from its library and hacking tools, equated with religious zeal.

If convicted, both Bowser and Lauren could face up to a long prison sentence. As it stands, they can be seen for up to 20 years in every case, including conspiracy to wire fraud, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy. A trial date has not been set, and it remains to be seen whether the two will be extradited to the United States to be punished, although this largely seems to be the result.

(Source: To the edge)

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