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Union Home Minister Telegram |  Multimedia

Union Home Minister Telegram | Multimedia

BERLIN – New Union Home Minister Nancy Fasser (SPD) wants to accept telegram ambassador service.

According to security officials, the chat service, which offers the potential of a social network, is used especially by right-wing extremists and those who believe in conspiracy theories.


Phaser “on time”

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He told the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”: “We are a constitutional state, but we can not rule it out. Switching off is very serious and clearly a last resort.

When asked how such a “shutdown” was possible in practice, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry in Berlin on Wednesday could not provide technical or legal details.

Pfizer told the “Die Zeit” that the Telegram was aiming for a European solution to force co-operation. He pointed out: “The telegram is in Dubai today and may be in the Cayman Islands tomorrow. We need strength to enforce the law. As a German national government, we cannot do it alone.

Many people around the world use telegrams for 1 to 1 communication in a personal or professional environment, such as wire, signal, WhatsApp, 3D or other messenger services. Telegram is an alternative platform for some users who have been blocked from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks due to extremist content.

In the end, the only thing left for German authorities to do is to persuade Apple and Google not to download the Telegram app anymore. However, those who have already installed it can continue to communicate about it. However, the app can be downloaded and installed on Android devices outside the Google Play Store, including directly from Telegram. Theoretically, more or less functional network blocks would also be conceivable. However, it will follow the same path as authoritarian states.

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