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Avec l'installation du StarShip SN20 sur le SuperHeavy BN4, le plus grand lanceur au monde prend forme. © SpaceX

Gets the world’s largest launcher format

SpaceX and Elon Musk have been promoting all stages of the world’s largest launcher construction to the general public and young people and adults alike. Today, the Starship SN20 Superheavy P4 took the prototype form of this future launcher when installed on the main platform.

SpaceX et al Elon Musk Have chosen to show its key positions to the public Construction Their future “all-purpose” heavy launcher. They do not hesitate to distribute photos and videos showing everything that happens on the SpaceX site in Boca Chicago, Texas. Even better, anyone can visit the site, from a safe distance, to observe the activities and maneuvers. For enthusiastsAstronauts And space exploration, the scene is extraordinary.

A few hours ago, a giant crane assembled a prototype launcher Star Ship. The SN20 prototype of the Starship upper stage is installed on the PN4 prototype of the Super Heavy. At about 120 meters in height, it is the largest launcher ever built. Saturner V. of Tasks Apollo To நிலா It was less than 10 meters, and like the Soviet N1 lunar mission launcher it never took off (110 meters high).

This launch system works a lot before it is ready for flight

Over the next few weeks, this prototype will be ready for an exciting point-to-point demonstration flight. The purpose of this flight is to connect TexasArchipelago Hawaii, with a passage in space but without reaching a complete orbit around the Earth.

There are many more weekly jobs and many more important steps to consider for the first test flight to be submitted Fire Green from FAA, the federal airline that regulates private startups in the United States. SpaceX is awaiting the issuance of an FAA release license, in particular, depending on the results of a major environmental study on the impact of the prototype launch. BN, SN alone and assembled. At critical stages, we will cite the installation of the starship (prototype SN20) on the BN4 platform, the filling and pressure of the tanks (29 engines, consuming!) As well as the first stable display that promises. Be spectacular in sound intensity and Thing Given power. In addition to BN4’s 29 Raptor engines, six Raptor engines – three space vacuum and three aerodynamic – will be added to the SN20 prototype.

An all-rounder

The starship can orbit at a low altitude of 100 tons, at an altitude of 500 kilometers, and up to 21 tons Transfer orbit Geology. Unprecedented performance of a business launcher! But, in a situation where they have not yet mastered and need to acquire technologies that are under development NASA, Announces that refueling for the SpaceX star spacecraft is possible in orbit. Ability to open up new perspectives to launching more than a hundred tons of infrastructure for the Moon or Mars!


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SpaceX: Starship Super Heavy joins orbit launcher with 29 Raptor engines

By article Remy Decord Released 06/08/2021

SpaceX has intensified its operations in recent weeks at its test site in Boca Chica, Texas. Elon Muskin is actively preparing for the first flight of a complete starship prototype, i.e. the first phase and the first stage of assembly for the first time. There will be 29 Raptor engines at this critical stage. He was recently installed on his launch pad. An interesting maneuver shared by Elon Musk Social Websites.

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When doing Boeing Couldn’t pick up his Starliner yet, SpaceX flies from success to success. Elon Musk’s launches satellites at a fixed rate, refuels the station as NASA asks, and Carries astronauts On the board Complex orbit Then bringing them back to dry land. On the ground, growth activities for its star continue at the recently intensified pace of Boca Sica at the Texas site.

Now, SpaceX is preparing the N4 super heavy prototype and its 29 Raptor engines for the first flight scheduled for later this year. This is the first time SpaceX has assembled a complete prototype of its starship launch site. Until now only the upper level has been tested, the famous SN flying tanks.

And spectacular views of almost 120 meters in height. The main platform alone measures 69 meters and will use 29 raptor engines for this first flight. It is currently set on a new launch site on the Boca Sika site. Elon Musk posted impressive pictures of the maneuver on his Twitter account.

The cluster with 29 Raptor engines is visible due to the lack of a safety skirt. We can also see that there are four stabilization stages like starters Falcon 9, Which is used to control the approach of the ground when it returns to the ground. For its first flight, SpaceX has no plans to reclaim the platform. It will “land” in the Gulf of Mexico.

This boot system has a lot of work to be done before the aircraft is ready.

There are still many weeks of work and many important steps to consider for the first test flight to be loaded with green light by the FAA, the federal airline that regulates private startups in the United States. SpaceX is awaiting the issuance of a FAA release license, in particular the impact of the launch of the BN, SN prototypes and the results of a large-scale environmental study assembled. This point-to-point flight is a spacecraft aimed at connecting Texas with the Hawaiian Archipelago, but without making a complete orbit around the Earth.

At critical stages, we will mention the installation of the starship (prototype SN20) on the PN4 platform, filling the tanks and realizing the pressure of the tanks (29 engines, consuming!) As well as the first position. A shot that promises to be spectacular in terms of sound intensity and power delivered. In addition to BN4’s 29 Raptor engines, 6 Raptor engines – optimal for three space vacuums and three atmospheric aircraft – will be included in the SN20 prototype.

Let the multi-engine launcher fly

To understand the difficulty of flying a launcher with multiple engines, it is necessary to know the level of the engine from one engine to another. Combustion Is not always the same and is very difficult to model, so the importance of ground tests and the experience of aircraft is gained Falcon 9, Has nine engines on its main platform, the Balkan Heavy and 3X9 engines (with its main stage and the three main stages of the Balkan 9).

This does not mean that the engines of each engine run these engines separately. These jets communicate with each other, and this can cause many aerodynamic obstacles, especially lateral obstacles, thus preventing the engine from climbing. One jet can turn off another engine’s jet! Another problem is the orientation of the motors. Having three engines instead of one is not obvious! With some Debts More importantly, an absorption can occur in the skirt and create a vacuum effect.

SpaceX: How will Starship and Super Heavy’s first orbital plane go?

Rummy D’Court’s article was published on 05/15/2021

SpaceX, which is not made with its SN-series flying tanks and has not yet tested the super heavy aircraft, is already preparing Starship’s first orbital aircraft in its full configuration. This point-to-point flight is expected later this year and will connect the base of Boca Chica in Texas with the Hawaiian archipelago by flying in space. Our explanations.

As part of the development of the starship space transportation system, SpaceX is preparing a mission Orbit The point to test his ship in its final configuration, i.e. with its two positions. On the one hand, the main platform, called the Super Heavy, and the Starship, which represents the transport vehicle and the upper level of the launcher.

This point-to-point aircraft is a spacecraft aimed at connecting Texas with the Hawaiian Islands. Sure, SpaceX plans to take the launcher from the foothills of Boca Sica (Texas), following which it will fly into space before landing in the open sea about a hundred kilometers off the northwest coast of the Hawaiian Islands. For this flight, there is no longer any question of fame SN series flying tanks But Starship in its final version with its two floors. The first, usually the main floor, is called the super heavy, and the upper floor.

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Starship’s complete aircraft, in its final version, with its two bases

A few days ago, SpaceX filed a petition with the United States Federal Communications Commission.Authorization to use communication frequencies This test between ground, satellite relays and the starship launcher lasts about 90 minutes. This test flight is, for the first time, very daring, especially since SpaceX is scheduled for the end of the year. It takes a while to test yourself on the super heavy main stage without the starship. When Models SN Use at least Raptor engines, Super Heavy has 28!

According to the scenario described by SpaceX for this mission, the 28 raptors of the Super Heavy will operate for about 2 minutes and 50 seconds before the starship separates from them. The super heavy return phase to the Gulf of Mexico, landing on a boat about twenty kilometers from the sea, began 8 minutes and 15 seconds. During this time, Starship will burn its engines for 3 minutes 56 seconds. Once the starship is reached Speed Orbit required, at a speed of about 27,000 kilometers per hour, the engines will shut down and work will start after 8 minutes and 41 seconds. Once the engines are turned off, its impact will begin where the starship is to be damaged at sea.

If the super heavy main level returns to land in dry land, it will not be for starship, so it will be damaged in the open sea. If he does not expect special problems when the Super Heavy and Starship departs “, He agreed on the other hand, maybe it’s necessary.” Several attempts before the re-entry of SpaceX Starship and the completion of maneuvers from orbit .

The main purpose of this aircraft is to obtain as much data as possible about the dynamics of atmospheric re-entry in order to better understand the thermal and aerodynamic barriers emitted by the vehicle. In fact this is very difficult to predict, so this is the model. So this will help to enhance the importance of demonstration aircraft System simulations And, if necessary, modify and / or modify the configuration of the initiator.

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