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Isolation is no longer a disease, it is unleashing chaos on companies and workers

Isolation is no longer a disease, it is unleashing chaos on companies and workers

Isolation is no longer a disease, it is unleashing chaos on companies and workers

On an entrepreneurial fabric that had already been heavily tested by the epidemic, another black cloud erupted in mid-August: INPS no longer equals the isolation period that workers need to look out for if it comes in contact with positive things for the disease.
In fact, by 2021, the move – allocated 66 663 million by the Conte government in 2020 – has not been re-funded, which allowed coverage during the isolation of wages and contributions last year.

Even in Umbrian companies – President Confucius condemns Umbria Giorgio Mencaroni – A situation of uncertainty is thus “undead”, which is a serious obstacle on the path to recovery.

There are many critical and controversial aspects of the story: “At a very difficult time for businesses, especially in the trade, tourism and craft sectors – Mencaroni explains – it is still unacceptable for companies to carry the burden of a regulatory vacuum and the decision must be filled quickly. It is not clear what the reason is for not having it, and bears further damage to be done without an employee for the time being isolated – or the worker loses a substantial portion of his salary.a situation unacceptable to both.

It should be highlighted – Mencaroni says – the entrepreneur will carry out all the measures for health care in the workplace and the entrepreneur will bear the burden of the situation for which he has no responsibility. Protect yourself, because of privacy regulations he does not know if there are any vaccinated people among his staff, so it is an easy vehicle for infection. But it is only getting worse: workers who fear that their salaries will be cut due to the lack of isolation will be discouraged from announcing contacts with public officials.Govt, and it could have very serious consequences for health care in the company, with the risk of closure and huge economic damage “.

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The news was reported by INPS in August, but with effect from January 2021, it has put companies in a more complex situation and created great uncertainty in practical aspects.

“The solution – Mengeroni – is the only solution: the government must immediately refinance this measure, so as to do so in 2020. Re-equilibrate the isolated disease. Safeguards should be ensured under Section 36. Businesses should be provided with a specific framework in place, measures to support employment should be implemented, and social alarms and behaviors that jeopardize the continuity of production from time to time should be avoided.