TVNOW content is streamed over the Internet. But what if you want to watch series or movies on the go without access to a data network? In this case TVNOW has an offline mode.

GIGA explains how to download videos from TVNOW and what you should focus on.

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Download videos from TVNOW and watch offline? One has to focus on that

TVNow has a download function so that the data size is unnecessarily loaded or the content is viewed with a bad data connection, for example during train travel. However, there are some limitations:

  • Available only to users who have an offline mode Premium + -Account Bee TVNOW.
  • So if you use the “normal” premium version or free access, you will not be able to download any video.
  • Offline functionality is also available for users of the free trial month.
  • Also, only videos are possible Through the TVNOW App on an Android smartphone or iPhone Or you can download it for iPad. iOS users need at least iOS 11.
  • Download TVNOW content in the browser Not provided on laptop or computer.
  • Optional for selected content only. However, the company promises that the range of offline videos will continue to expand. Some content is available in German language version and original version. Additional advertising will not be displayed on downloads.

This is how you bring all TV channels to the screen (video) via stream:

This is how it goes

If you have premium + access, you can download videos from TVNOW as follows:

  1. Searching for content to be stored on a smartphone or tablet. A special page on TVNOW has an overview of all downloadable titles.
  2. Opens Detailed overview To content.
  3. Save video via Download-button On the receiving device.
  4. You may see videos in the future Download area Via the menu.
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In the download menu, you can delete the content again to free up storage space. For example, you can enjoy “GZSZ” or “The Bachelorette” comfortably in a blanket while traveling by train or in the park.

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