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Do you know how to properly arrange the items in the refrigerator?  You need to pay attention to these details

Do you know how to properly arrange the items in the refrigerator? You need to pay attention to these details

Not everything is as always, you just need to know these little things to organize things in the fridge: do this and you will never go wrong again.

Find out how to properly arrange the refrigerator. Image by Defisher from Pixabay

Let’s face it, the invention of the refrigerator is truly a godsend. Its presence at home allows them to keep fresh food and keep it as long as possible. This way, we have the opportunity to drink fresh drinks and store food whenever we want, otherwise it will get worse after a few hours. But even though it is an act that we do in practice every day, not everything is as easy as it seems and often serious mistakes are made. This is because, in order to store food properly, it is necessary to arrange them on the right shelves, otherwise they will spoil in a short time, even if they are in the fridge.

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Do you know how to properly arrange food in the refrigerator? Find mistakes you should not make

When you leave home for shopping, the first thing you do when we return is to put all perishable food in the refrigerator immediately. This apparent triviality actually hides more dangers than you think. This is because each shelf of our refrigerator, with a specific temperature, is designed to suit certain types of food. And if you do not know the exact sequence to organize them, here is a little guide to help you avoid making more mistakes. Here’s how to store food:

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  • High section: At the top of the refrigerator, you should always place cold cuts filled with eggs, cheese, yogurt, cold cuts and vacuum;
  • Middle partLeftover cooked foods, pre-cooked sauces, cold cuts and open cured meats;
  • Lower part: Raw meat, raw fish and any uncooked food;
  • DrawerFresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed after a while;
  • Front officeAll kinds of soft drinks, butter, eggs and milk.
  • Freezer: You can store any type of food, apparently in special containers, which can last for months.

As you can see, it is very easy to separate foods depending on where they are placed. Doing so will prevent you from throwing things away again.