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Washing.  It's time to register at leisure centers

Washing. It’s time to register at leisure centers

The community-based “Childhood” service of the Torn-Out Communes will open registrations at leisure centers for a longer holiday from this May 16th.

The theme chosen for this year’s Shelterless (ALSH) CCTA’s Leisure Welcome is “Color of Emotions”. After light blue in winter and natural green in spring, a new color will attract attention this summer and it will be in season: sunny yellow.

Already during the upcoming summer vacation, leisure centers between La Trail (reception for elementary school children) in Lugan, Saint-Salbis-la-Pointe (kindergarten) and Rene-Goskini in Jean-de-La-Fontaine. Labastide welcomes children from July 8 to August 31 at Saint-Georges (Kindergarten and Elementary School). Of the three sites, only the Jean-de-La-Fontaine Leisure Center will be closed from 1 to 21 August.

For the month of July, registrations are open from Monday, May 16 to Sunday, June 12, and from May 16 to July 3 in August.

After two years of absence, the small camps will finally return. Children in the large kindergarten section will benefit from “multi-activity” accommodation in Ludolac and “small farmers” in Jordin de Martin. For elementary school children, there will be choices between La Trail “Far West Camp”, “Multi-Activities” in Ludola, “Fantastico-Medieval” on La Trail and “Small Farmers” in Jordin de Martin.

For more information on these mini-camps, you can call Serdian at 06 33 34 58 11. There are many solutions to registering children.

So you can go to the “Family Portal” of the municipality’s Torn-Out community on the site.

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In the “Childhood 3 to 12 years” section of the same site, registration files can be downloaded.

For more information, you can contact La Treille’s ALSH at 05 63 83 14 95 or at the CCTA reception at 05 63 41 89 12.