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9 façons d'accélérer le logiciel Steam et de télécharger les jeux plus rapidement

9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Steam Software and Download Games Faster – YubiGeek

Steam Is the # 1 choice for gaming Computer. Digital distribution channels and online communities offer most of the games, but sometimes they act slowly as already explained in this article.

It can be frustrating if you want to start playing. To help you, I have collected the best tips to prevent download speed Steam Other performance changes to speed up your game downloads.

Close all other applications

It’s okay if you use something powerful Foreign goods Or $ 500 gaming PC at home. When you start playing the game, be sure to close all the essential apps to speed it up (Performance level)

Independent software that works Steam Data bandwidth and computer resources can be used. It can affect game downloads, online games and overall performance.

Games that require an internet connection may have a delay in responding, so it is important to have a good internet connection with as little ping as possible.

This description includes web browsers, software updates and simultaneous downloads. Disable everything like cloud sync tools Dropbox And Google Drive.

The customer can also make changes Steam Avoid annoying downloads.

  1. Open the steam and then open the settings
  2. Section DownloadsFind out Download controls
  3. Confirm the box Game Downloads Not verified
  4. Set the download table using the checkbox Update only in between

You can also stop unnecessary processes. Under Windows :

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager
  2. Expand the view by clicking Additional information
  3. Check the column Network Anything that seems to take the bandwagon
  4. Select the process and complete it by closing the process

Meanwhile, users Linux And macOS May close unnecessary background tasks. On macOS And LinuxYou can close a process with the Function Monitor natively installed on both operating systems.

The same process can be used to shut down unwanted software CPU Or The RAM.

Use Windows Game mode

Users Windows You can also use the game mode before starting Steam. This mode pauses all other functions on your computer. Run the game mode Windows 10/11 :

  1. Go to Windows 10/11 Settings
  2. Search Games Then go Game mode
  3. Change the game mode to this Enabled
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9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Steam Software and Download Games Faster

There is no big difference in game mode, but it does provide useful boost in low performance settings.

Make sure steam is a high priority application

Users Windows Priority can be set Steam In other software and processes. Even if there is no download speed, it will improve your system performance instantly.

To do this, open Task Manager From the taskbar. Guide yourself further:

  1. Switch to the Details tab
  2. Find the steam.exe process
  3. Right-click the process
  4. From the menu, select Set priority Then select High
9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Steam Software and Download Games Faster

It’s very simple.

Improve Steam Store browser speed

Have you ever browsed the store? Steam Looking for a new game and want to find out if music video does not work? Or do you find that the entire client is slow to switch between store, library and social modes?

These are disgusting problems and they are very easy to solve.

The Steam shop Is basically a web browser, so it may encounter the same problems as standard browsers. Clearing cache will reduce browser lag and improve performance and overall speed.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Access Settings
  3. From the left menu, select Web browser
  4. Click Remove browser cache
  5. Confirm the cache flush request by clicking OK
9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Steam Software and Download Games Faster
9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Steam Software and Download Games Faster

There is a button to delete cookies, however this will have no effect on client performance Steam.

Install the games on a fast HDD or SSD

One of the key performance-controlling issues Steam Your subject Computer. There are many ways to improve yourself Computer To make it better, the more important is the speed of your storage device (Hard disk)

Upgrading a Mechanical Hard Drive (HDDsFor faster model (Say 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm) Can help, upgrade to a SSD A great way. The SSD Based on the same technology as the keys USBSo they are very, very, very fast.

Whether you choose the hard drive or a Fast SSDYou can use fast storage Steam. Migration between data is straightforward, but there are two aspects to consider.

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First, make sure the new device is upgraded and designed.

Second, the new storage should be large enough to hold your library Steam Existing (Some games on Steam are too heavy), So check the capability.

When you are ready to move your data to the new drive, boot your computer, load Steam, and then:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Meet at Settings
  3. In the left menu, navigate Downloads
  4. Click Steam folders
  5. Find and click Add the library folder
  6. Click the drop-down menu to select the new drive letter
  7. Create one New folder
  8. Accept the default name
  9. Click OK
9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Steam Software and Download Games Faster

Games that are in your library Steam Then moved to the new fast storage location (SSD)

Does Steam control your downloads?

Due to the high demand on its servers, Steam Uses routing administration to minimize vulnerability. This is called “throttling” and prioritizes certain types of data.

If your connection is disconnected and download data drops to 250 KB / s, you can change your client settings Steam.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go inside Settings
  3. Find out Downloads
  4. Find out Bandwidth range
  5. Click the drop-down menu to set your maximum download limit
  6. If your Internet service provider (ISP) Maximum, allows speed than set Without limits
  7. Click OK

Do not forget to restart Steam When you are done.

Select the new Steam server

Server Steam Downloads can be slowed down if you choose. Not surprisingly, a lot of data is managed by servers Steam. But there may be a problem with the wrong server selection.

Check this and select the correct server:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Meet at Settings
  3. Find out Downloads
  4. In the drop-down menu Download the regionMake sure the server closest to you is selected

Now all you have to do is click OK Confirm, then restart Steam For the changes to take effect.

Note that the server list will be automatically updated when newer servers come online and older devices retire. So make sure your connection to the slow server is updated every few months.

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Is steam faster if you change your ISP?

ISPs (Internet service providers) Limit traffic Steam. They do this to prioritize certain types of data, such as online shopping and social media, over high-speed activities such as online gaming, downloading and video streaming.

True, the problem usually comes from you ISPNo. Steam.

After all, a lot of data is processed by servers SteamIn general, the service is adequate. See one Bandwidth real-time map Steam In the last 48 hours. You can browse the data to select an area and even see what it is ISP Provides higher bandwidth.

You can use this list as a guide to upgrading to a ISP Fast. Although new ISP Still can block data, throttling games on Steam will not be affected if the cap is fast and bandwidth.

Get Faster Steam Downloads via VPN

Another way to increase speed Steam Has a through play vpn. The idea behind it is simple: ISP Control traffic, but managing encrypted traffic is another story. If your download speed Steam Is slow, a via link vpn A wise choice. It can speed up online games and provide access to game servers that you would normally not have access to.

If you use one vpnYou must select a server Steam In your same country vpn. If your servers Steam Are in New York, no need to use vpn Connected to the server Toronto.

Read our article to know how to choose a good one vpn.

Do not suffer from “slow steam” speed

These changes can significantly improve the speed of your downloads Steam.

You will not think why Steam Not so slow anymore, it will deliver your games and dlcs faster. In conjunction with vpnYou will no longer be limited by the speed you provide ISP.

With Steam You work well, it’s time to start playing your favorite games. Why not invite friends to play the game Steam Multiplayer?