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The moon will be red during the Sunday night eclipse

The moon will be red during the Sunday night eclipse

When the sun, earth and moon are aligned properly, this phenomenon occurs twice a year. This eclipse is visible from parts of the American, European and African continents.

Some Earthlings can see a full lunar eclipse at night from Sunday to Monday, which is an occasional celestial event during which the night star loses its brightness and gradually turns red. The eclipse between the sunrise and sunset is visible from some parts of the American, European and African continents.

This phenomenon occurs twice a year when the Sun, Earth and Moon are properly aligned and the Moon is in its full phase. The star slips into the shadow of the earth, then protects it from the sun’s rays and gradually loses its white glow. But it does not go away: the earth continues to send light from the sun to the moon, through the process of taking in red through the rays “Refraction of the atmosphere“The AFP of the Paris-PSL laboratory explains to Florent Telefly.

Eclipse of about five hours

During an eclipse, only the Earth can illuminate the Moon by emitting these red rays again.2, the astronomer continues. “It is very interesting that the white and brilliant moon takes on a red and off hue in a few minutes.“, He adds. As seen with the naked eye, visible in a telescope, the event can giveSpectacular photosIf the weather is good. The eclipse lasts about five hours, and its full phase – when the star is completely in the shadow of the earth – lasts more than an hour.

It is best to observe from the West Indies or Guyana as the Moon is very high in the sky“According to the laboratory, the eclipse will be fully visible in South America, Central America and the eastern part of North America. Keep in mind that at the same time as the sun rises, the full moon disappears at this point, so if you are in the west of France it will be much easier to observe this event in the late sunrise than in the east.

The moon is very low in the sky and to make full use of the eclipse, you need to choose where the horizon is.Destroyed towards the west“, Florent Deleflie advises. The next full lunar eclipse is planned in the middle of the Pacific in November 2022. On the mainland of France, the last date is before January 2019 and the next will not take place until 2029. The lunar eclipse shows that the earth is round.Since ancient times», The astronomer insists. “On the surface of the lunar disk, the boundary between the shadow and the area illuminated by the sun is slightly curved: this is the scheme of the Earth’s orbit.“.

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