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Battlefield 2042: Postponement according to recent rumors

Battlefield 2042: Postponement according to recent rumors

From Thilo Bayer
Battlefield 2042 is rumored to be postponed. The beta should continue on September 22nd. Start, but the game should not be released in mid-October, but at the end of November.

The rumor mill around Battlefield 2042 is picking up speed and has been running at full speed for the past few hours. The beta appears to start in a few days, but the shoot will be postponed for almost six weeks.

BF2042: The shift is getting more and more

When will Battlefield 2042 be released? It is assumed that mid-October will be set until 10/15, when the official wars account in the paper gives a counter-notification. However, in the last few hours several locals on Twitter have vowed to put the joint together. Twitter Okami13 There were initially “conflicting reports” that Battlefield 2042 would be postponed. He believes it will only be a small change – this will not surprise him. Then Quoted Okami13 Sports journalist Jeffrey Grupp, who was the authorized source, announced that the postponement would be announced soon, probably this weekend.

Then on Wednesday, Liquor Tom Henderson rose In the discussion. He may not have heard of changing himself, but he has now seen the game from the current game and has not seen any improvement over the older versions – which is why he would not be surprised by a change. The beta should continue on September 22nd. Shortly after the start, Henderson changed his mind. BF2042 is said to be several weeks late, but not until the new year. The debate is currently taking place at the end of November, and is currently being conducted domestically. EA and DICE should comment on this by the weekend – I hope there will be clarity on the beta date later as well.

If the postponement is actually announced, it will fit in well with the events of the past few weeks. According to the official website, the EA really wanted the “beta” for Battlefield 2042 in the months leading up to its release. Stop This report is not exactly old because the release is almost exactly four weeks away and the beta has not been announced yet. Nice Technical Alpha It had to be postponed for a good six weeks, which is an important growth time and it is definitely not easy to make up for. And the situation in the competitor Activision or Code Vanguard will not play on EA’s cards. Vanguard’s beta runs significantly earlier than PF 2042, but the code shooter (released: November 5) will appear three weeks after the battlefield as of now. At Vanguard, there is still plenty of time to integrate findings from closed and public trials into the release version. As for Battlefield 2042, this process should be much more difficult if the title is actually on October 15th. Is coming

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When things stand, it would be almost a thrill if EA and DICE could keep the original schedule for Battlefield 2042.

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