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Voyager 2: After a long radio silence, a signal finally returns

Voyager 2: After a long radio silence, a signal finally returns

It was quiet for a long time around the Voyager 2 spacecraft. We could not receive a signal because the antenna on the ground had to be serviced.

Space exploration Voyager 2 Has been involved in his work in space for over 43 years. And it gets away from us, making it very difficult to keep in touch with the investigation. There is only one antenna in the world that can be used to communicate with Voyager 2. It is located in Australia and is part of the Canberra Deep Space Network.

Voyager 2 was owned

However, precisely this antenna just had to be turned off last year because some maintenance and upgrades had to be done. At the time, Voyager 2 was on its own. If there is an emergency, we can do nothing for them from the earth.

Like Deutschlandfunk Nova Announced, The antenna in Canberra is now back online and ready to use. For the first time in a long time, the radio connection between Voyager 2 and Earth is being reused. The message has to travel long distances. It takes 17 hours and 35 minutes to come to Earth from Earth. From February 14 to 15, 2021, Voyager 2 re-reported and announced that everything was fine.

The radio connection must be stable

In the next step, the probe is sent an instruction to turn off one of its sensors. This saves electricity, which means maintaining the radio connection as much as possible.

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The Voyager 2 has been in galaxy for a long time. Study your little sister, The Voyager 1 reached a very interesting milestone last year.

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